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I am 19 years old and I have beautiful long blonde hair. Over the years, it seems I have had a million bouts with lice. I am a very hygienic person and always have been. On top of it all the other 4 people in my household never get them! My mom and I keep a very clean house, but, alas, they keep coming back to me. My doctor told me that it was actually worse that we are so clean- they like clean heads to move around on. I am not ashamed of it anymore and you shouldn't be either. Almost every single person gets it at least once, and some they like more than others. My trick is KEROSENE and a LICE COMB! I swear it works the first time every time with no doubts! It costs about 88 cents for the kerosene, and 6 dollars for the lice comb. Trust me, it sounds dangerous, but if you're careful around you're eyes- it's a piece of cake! I have tried all the special shampoos like RID and NIX but the truth is they just don't work! Even the home remedies didn't work- mayonaise, olive oil, orange/mango shampoo, and so on! none! This is the only way I go.

To do this you need:

Enough kerosene to coat the head 2 times. (at least. they should be gone after one, but I always do it again to be safe.)

one good lice comb

a washcloth

**You will probably want to do this where you can comfortably rinse.

First brush your hair out, then comb through with the lice comb to get them loosened up really well.

Then, with someone you trust's help, hold the washcloth over your eyes and have them douse your head and scalp with kerosene. They should work it in some, but be careful and not leave it on too long. then rinse VERY VERY WELL and shampoo/condition as you would regularly.

Go back to combing and make sure you look and comb very hard and get everything out.

Repeat the kerosene/shampoo/conditioner step.

dry hair with blow dryer and it should be gone.

check over the course of the next few weeks, and your lice should be gone gone gone!

My doctor told me this remedy after nothing else worked, and I don't even try anything else now!

I also recommend using DENOREX EXTRA STRENGTH once to twice a week to deter the lice from coming back. It works like a charm! I promise!

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Sharon from down under.

I have to agree with all of you. My 14 yr old daughter is a magnet for the little critters and yes like many others are saying nothing works. My friend kept saying to me 'in the old days we just used baby oil and kero'. So at my wits end I did. I used kero and conditioner. It goes through the hair very easily and coats every strand. My daughter has beautiful long hair and I did not want to cut it. I'm still determined to find a more natural remedy for (dare I say it) when the little critters return but I know I have this method to fall back on. All the best to all those nit chasers out there I'm feelin' ya frustration. Hope you all have successful exterminations.


did kerosene actually work?i mean dnt u thnk it ix dangerous?
em going through lice problem from 4 years.i have used almost all kindx of remedies but nothing works.
i want to try kerosene but im afraid,i have very long hair and i dnt want them to get damaged.
plx suggest me?


This is horrifing, I can't believe this is even here. My children had lice and I used olive oil safe natural. You need to research the life cycle of the louse and understand the process. Truely horrifing.


Olive Oil shuts down the nervous system of the louse so she can't lay any eggs. Olive will work without damagaging you or your child! If any one wants to get rid of head lice I will be happy to help them Please don't use kero on anyone! This is so sad. If you need info email me at subject Headlice

Jen R.

I am shocked to see that one comment states how horrible that treatment is. as a kid my sister constantly brought lice home from friends house and the rest of us would catch it. My family wasn't rick and we couldn't afford the expensive treatments. so my Grandmothers told my Mom about white Kerosene.. it may seem dangerous but it does work and it's not something that is going to cause health issues. I have researched it!!!


I meant to vote a 9. This kerosene remedy has been in our family for henerations with no side effects or any damage, long term or otherwise. It works. Don't be scared. Get rid of them.

shelby O

I have % beautiful little girls with long black hair down to their waists. They range in age from 3-9 years old. I dealt with ALL the remedies. I did the RID, then the NIX MD, then the herbal shampoo with the peppermint oil, tea tree, and salt( used that one for a solid week). NOTHING worked, my husband and myself combed, combed and combed, and combed some more!!! MY girls hair was becoming thin and damamged. Five to ten minutes after the treatments, they were scratching again. Out of despseration I tried the kero. We were extremely careful and luckily it was warm enough to do it outside in the yard. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM. PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON ANYTHING ELSE. We spent more than 200.00 on traditional remedies that didn't work. For 10.50 including everything the lice were killed on impact.


A girl in my town did this and about died. This is so horrible too see on this site.


that girl didnt almost die... ive heard that story over n over its a myth theres nothing wrong with this treatment. stuff like this has been around along time and has worked on many if u dont like the idea dont use it for people looking for real results give it a shot just dont do it by a flame lol :P


I have childen that have gotten lice.. i have also used all the treatments & no they do not work. i tried the kero & it really did work the first time.. yes it sounds dangerous but if u r very careful 2 avoid the eyes u have no worries.. yes ive researched this many times & there r no long lasting effects.. u may smell the kero 4 a day longer but other than that it is completely safe!!!!

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