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Lehigh Acres, FL

Getting rid of fleas is a two step process: vacuuming and spraying. Use a fresh vacuum bag so that air flow will not be restricted by debris collected by earlier vacuuming. Fill a small home & garden sprayer with 1 gallon vinegar, ½ gallon water, 16 oz lemon juice and 8 oz of witch hazel. After vacuuming, spray vinegar mixture using a heavy spray (not a stream however). Spray carpets, sofas, chairs, human and pet bedding, window sills, and bare floors. If you have a bad infestation, repeat every 12 hours for two days. When fleas are barely noticeably, repeat every 3 days. After fleas are gone, repeat once every week until flea season is over. We have 15 cats (8 of which are indoor only). We needed to find a solution that was not expensive and not toxic – We have used this method for two years with excellent results. If you start treatment at beginning of flea season, you will probably not need to do this more than once a week for the whole season.

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I am going to get the items tomorrow hope it really works we don't have a bad infestation so I hpe it gfoes easy


Well, I went and got everything I needed for this remedy. I will pop back in and let you know if it was successful for me. Thank you.


Rhonda, please let me know how this worked. It seems like a formula that would be succesful and I plan to try it out this Friday. I sure hope it works, we are being eaten alive.


This worked so good on my floors, I highly recommend it. I just sprayed my carpets and have yet to see a flea. It also worked on my cats, i sprayed them and rubbed it in and they are flea free! It costs about 8 bucks for about a gallon and a half, way cheaper than flea shampoo, flea bombs and carpet cleaner.


Hello! I do not have a home & garden sprayer and was wandering if someone could break down the measurements for a spray bottle instead. I am not going to buy a garden sprayer when I do not need one. Thank you!


I don't have a garden sprayer, so I'm going to attempt the following measurements:
16 ounces vinegar
8 ounces water
2 ounces lemon juice
1 ounce witch hazel

Good Luck!


do you think this is safe for dogs also?


do you use apple cider vinegar are just plain vinegar


Ive got stuff packed in boxes where there is a flea infestation you could say, can I spray it right in the box and all over the stuff to help get rid of the fleas or eh? Ive tried everything to get rid of the fleas, bug bombing, flea bombing, vaccuming, carpet cleaning,washing everything in hot water, frontline, flea collars,flea baths, flea combing, but im also getting bittin by the fleas..they are everywhere and I cant get rid of them. Im going to try this and also the borax for outside and the carpets..Im at the end of the string..ill try anything and will take any advice. :)


I'm going to try this in a week when I get some extra $$. I don't have any pets my sister does and they mustve transferred from her house to mine on my clothing. I really hope this works. My house isn't too infested but their multiplying and it disgusts me. (:

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