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fel in Dallas, TX

OMGosh, I thought I was going to die. ( Found the Solution) I had a tooth ache from u kno were last week. I thought all my teeth on one side was aching that how bad I hurt. I didnt think i was going to make it, I wanted to do some crazy stuff i felt so bad, i could not think right. I cried like a baby my mouth hurt so bad. No Money, No Insurance. I tried the ADVIL until it didnt work anymore, Packed tooth with DenTek once I completely cleaned the tooth, I tried BAKING SODA until it didnt work any more, WATER until it didnt work anymore, COLGATE ORABASE MAXIMUM PAIN RELIEF until it didnt work anymore, CLOVE OIL which helped for a few minutes but made my mouth raw. The whole time crying like a baby. I started reading this when I ran across na insert and I dont remember who but they saved my soul. They said I needed Amoxicillin 500mg and I remembered I had some from a cold years ago for infection and I ran across some Etoloac 400mg from an accident many years back for pain and at the mercy i took my chances and it worked and it made since, of course Im no doctor. My tooth/ gum was infected and was aggravating the nerve like a mutha F*****. You will need some pain killers to make you rest and relax until those nerves calm down. a week later I still feel the throbbing but no pain its like the medicine is masking them, I need some more Amoxicillin which i order rush online from a pet store another name is (FIX MOX) which is the same. I tried calling around and many stores was forced to stop carrying them without prescriptions. So keep this on the Low so when people are in agony they can find a non expensive solution.
Just remember to relax. Try to get antibiotics to kill infection before you exhaust the benefits of your pain killer because the nerves will become immune to the pain medicine and you are then left to run about naked. I swore up and down that I was going to the doctor when I got better but I havent thought of it, its one of my goals for the future as things financially get better. Hope This Helps. Dont Sell Your Soul as You are Going Through This, Stay Strong. Fel from Dallas

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Fel- Dallas



I dont know who you are but you saved my life.

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