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Ichty n Ky

A Posion Ivy Remedy that Really Works! I ended up with a Poision Ivy rash and tried the benadryl calamin lotion ect. But it didnt help So I read a Few things on Here and Came up with a Great One. First I washed my Arm with Dish Soap then I put Calamin Lotion on it next I Put Salt ( Yes Salt )On top of the Calamin Lotion and used my figers and rubbed it around it circles ( it feels good too because ur kinda scratching the itch ) Do that about 2 times in a hour and You will no longer itch and you will see the Rash Just start Drying up right before your eyes. Hope It Helps You Too :)

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i washed with dish soap .
while it was still wet i rubbed salt and let it dry for 5 min allthe iching has stopped and some redness is gone thank you for your idea it worked like a charm

thank you
from nj


This works!!! I tried this with coarse sea salt! Poison Ivy is a real bummer though, and I am highly allergic to it...the sad part is that is grows everywhere...especially here in the southeast.


i am gonna give it a shot wish me luck.

In need of a remedy

seems to be working well so far.... the salt definitely helps!


It works! thnx so much. But, how long will it take to heal!?!


Glad I found this sight, I've been using calamine lotion for the last 4 days and it has not helped much. I just used this remedy, lets see what does feel good.


I just tried this, all my itching has stopped and it's not as red it has also slowed and all but stopped the drainage.


My 6 and 8 year olds got a rash and have been in pain for 2 days. No cremes or lotions were working for more than 10 minutes. We tried this remedy. The salt really stings if you have any open sores. We left the salt on for 5 minutes before washing it off. Then waited 50 minutes and did it again. So far it's been a couple hours and there is no pain or itching. Thank you so much.

From a grateful mother

Impatient Teenager

I've had a bad poison ivy rash for about four days now and I just did the first half of your remedy and it's already drying up my rash! No itch, no pain, no redness. Thank you :)


i just did the first half, i haven't done it a secondtime but the itch is gone, and it also helps to put rubbing alcohol on it after that is all done tooo. thanks so much, i really needed this. i can finally go to bed.

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