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Diane Blalock Bundrick

This is not so much a remedy as it is a fact. That fgact is other medications cause cause or even worsen RLS, seroquel ansd benaryl to name a couple

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My RLS is definitely made worse by antidpepressants. I used to only very occasionally have to deal with it. Now on meds it is almost daily. I stopped one med because of the RLS, now am on another that is so helpful with my depression I am suffering through the RLS.


The ingredient in Benedryl is diphenhydramine. Over the counter sleep aids as well as Tylenol PM contain diphenhydramine. As the poster said STAY away. Before I knew this little fact, I always wondered why OTC meds that were supposed to cause drowsiness kept me awake. In fact one night I took double the dose of an OTC sleep aid and experienced a whole night of sleepless, aching agony.

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