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Okay so we've all had it. That case of Athletes foot that just wont go away. I tried everything. Nothing seemed to work, and then when my sensitive skin had an allergic reaction to the lotramin spray. Forget it. My foot looked horrible. So I tried something on my own.

3 times a day I used Hydrogen Peroxide (3%, the stuff you buy at the grocery store for under a 1$). I poured it on my foot, concentrating in between my toes. I'm not going to lie to you all, it burns, and fizzes. But thats okay it cleaning out the infection. So three times a day, followed by the application of Neosporin on the affected area. In one day I saw a big improvement in my foot. After a week the infection was almost completely gone. Remember to air out your foot to keep the area dry and of course wear well ventilated shoes. And don't forget the most important part..


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How do u treat the socks,ur carpet, the tub, the tile floors,the bed/sheet?what do I use?

Ms. Pedicure*

this really does work!
It does burn at first but you do see a BIG
improvement. Besides all of that i also pamper
my feet. I brought a Ms. Pedicure kit.
It brings a pumice stone, exfoliating foot scrub,
a moisture- rich foot lotion, and ivigorating leg
rub. In result of all of that the itching went away
all in one day! The key thing here is to keep up to
cleaning and maintaining your feet and you will
be fine.

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