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I tried the ACV and I just could not take the smell and the amount of pain it causes for days after applying the crap. I learned that burning off the wart from many internet research was the best way to permanently get rid of it. Like most bacteria and viruses they are atracted to dark and moist areas and thrive there. Vitamins are a MUST when supplementing your immune system through all this process.

After taking a shower take your hair dryer and press the cold air button so it won't hurt, but dry your area until dry so for about 5 minutes.

Then have a set of matches, this is the hardest part to do and can be dangerous if not careful. Light one up, let it burn for about 5 seconds blow it until completely off. Quickly, set that match on the affected area (I.e. Wart) keep it there until it completely cools down. The wart part automatically burns off and the skin comes off. If it starts to bleed use a cotton ball to clot the blood, keep the area very clean alcohol works just fine. Repeat, but I suggest only doing a certain area at a time, it is very painful.

Vitamin E is the next step either the gel capsule or oil is fine. Rub the oil in each area treated as the end process.

The skin heals very fast and within days had amazing results. But there is always the stubborn wart that takes more then one time to completely get rid of it.

I've been wart free for more then 8 mths now. I do keep up the drying the area at least once a week and rub vitamin E oil each time I shower.

Keep away from tobacco i don't know what it is but it does help warts come back. Which us definately not good.

Good luck.

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Update as I happily receive my pap smear results after 1 1/2 yrs of being genital wart free! All NORMAL. No hpv whatsoever and my genital area looks amazing. And I believe that comment of that medication is just spam. Definitely recommend this blog post and homeopathic remedy.

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