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The best remedy ever!!!... Here is what
You do. Make sure your genital area is clean and dry. You need to find the best pain-sleep reliever pill(such as tylenol p.m. Advil p.m., ect.)Next you will need to crush atleat three to four pills into a powder. Next apply a very small drop or two of hot water to powdered pills. Then mix to a not add too much water make the solution as thick as possible.then once you have made the paste, use a small paint brush or even your finger to wipe and cover the itchy area or blister. Cover completely. This is a guarantee remedy that will soothe the pain and horrible itch!...the p.m. Medicine has something in it to numb you! Plus it has a pain reliever. Try it the solution will dry up your infected area and heal it at the same time!... You will feel sooooo much better!

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i tried finding that peroxide at walmart and couldnt.... and im trying the tylenol pm and water tonight i did the other night and it hurt but i think i made it too watery and wrong so hopefully this works this time cuz ive misssed so much work this week and dont want to spend my new years at home in bed.... ugh!


Will this get rid of the gh blisters?

Curious one

I did this with an acyclovir pill today and I feel that helped too.... Idk what made me try it, but I'm glad I did. I googled what I did to see if anyone else has tried it and came across this!


I crushed an acyclovir pill and mixed it with neem seed oil. Made a paste and put it on. It seems to be working. I also took some acyclovir, but the pain from the sore went away. Neem seed oil is sort of expensive, but its an antiviral and I feel it helped with the pill mixture

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