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Apply Johnson's Baby powder.

Then bath/shower to get the powder off you're pet.


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Do u put the baby powder on the animal your treating?


Will this work on carpet? I have more of a problem in my bedroom than any other place in the house.


YES! Use powder on your carpets, pets, furniture, mattress, anywhere! Let sit for a bit and vacuum. Repeat every few days for new hatchlings. It sufficates the little buggers and leaves your home smelling oh-so-nice :)

you can also use baking soda, it's a bit cheaper, and will illiminate other oders!


Baking soda doesn't kill fleas. I did an experiment. I added fleas to a glass containing baking soda. Though they didn't care for it, they were still alive 4 days after they were introduced. I later added water to make a paste. That didn't kill them either. I felt bad about that because I really wanted it to work.


eculayptus, lavender, peppermint, or rose geraminium essential oil added to the baking soda will. 5 drops per cup and mix it up. works on dogs and carpets/furniture.


This may sound stupid, but if you add an essential oil to make a paste with the baking soda... How do you get the paste on your dog? Or where do you put the paste on you dog?

Thank you!!

misty from vancouver wa

Do you know if the baby powder kills the eggs in the carpet? And if it does not. Have you found something that does kill the eggs in the carpet?

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