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Hydrogen Per. eases the pain. I had an ear infection I could not shake for 5 days, no medical insurance. I work in a pet store and was given a sample of VETERYCIN (this stuff is supposed to heal just about everything, so I thought why not)... sprayed it in my ear 3 times through out the day and had felt like I was under water. Sprayed it another 3 times in the evening and then laid on a heating pad when I got home for for a few hours. Pain and pressure is gone. Good luck!

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I work in a feed store and yes that product is a cure all.


this is exactly what i used this morning. pain completely gone. H2O2 really does work for just about everything.


my ear is aching some right now. my dog always had problems with sore ears and chronic ear yeast infections. Using dr dogs ear oil solved his ear infection problems and after reading this I am tempted to try my dogs ear drops for infection. it's all natural and it seems to be the only ear ache remedy in the house. guess I'll see if the dogs ear infection remedy does the job for me too, hope it doesn't make me go barking mad!

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