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Okay so before I tell you what is working for me your going to have to hear a story.

In nov of 09 after not having sex since may I started to have this really weird tingling sensation. The problem would come and go and jump around to different areas and I had no bumps or anything so I thought it was all in my head at many points. I went to a doctor and had an STD test done but was afraid to tell the doctor of my problem. The tests all came back negative. the problem still remained and got bad again in January. finally I went to a doctor and told them the problem. for over a month they tested me for everything under the sun with no results... finally an OBGYN took a biopsy and it came back HPV, even though these were a-typical symptoms. by the time I got the results the feeling had gone away and would only come on about one a week for a few minutes or an hour so since HPV goes away on his own he told me not to do anything and sent me on my way. Then not to long after the symptoms started coming back... not near as bad and not for as long... finally wanting to get rid of this feeling and get rid of HPV as soon as possible I decided to look up home remedies.

The ACV worked the best to stop my atypical symptoms but after not to long the feeling came back. the feeling finally localized itself to one spot so i tried vitamin C method(DO NOT TRY THIS, This burned a tiny hole!)... I was at a loss.

Then I saw someone said they were drinking 5-hour energy and that helped. So I tried it and I definitely felt some what better but not completely better. Then a couple of days ago I was on the road and decided to get an energy drink, after just a few sips and a few minutes I felt completely better! Completely! However this didn't last long, so once I got off the road I got another and the same thing happened! I was reading the label and I saw all the vitamins and health stuff in these (even with all the sugar). I also have been taking a vitamin combo everyday, 1 vitamin c pill, a multi vitamin, and 2 vitamin e pills. Now i'm drinking about 2 energy drinks a day in addition to that. I think this helped a lot! A LOT! If you get as desperate as I was what have you got to lose?

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I'm going to have to disagree with you.

The large amounts of caffeine and sugar in energy drinks are not beneficial to your immune system.

Energy drinks do have vitamins. Vitamin pills will provide the same substances without the stressful caffeine and sugar of energy drinks.


I'm going to agree with both of you..
I've never drank 5-hour energy till just now. It's ok.. i felt pretty good in just a couple minutes..
It does actually have vitamins including lots of B and acids that are beneficial..

A better and cheaper way would be to buy the vitamins seperately in tab form and take them that way.. Caffine from 5-hour energy isn't too good for you body but it doesn't seem like there's alot of it. It lists Caffeine as the second to LAST ingredient out of like 8. May not be a bad decision.. If you feel like it would help then go for it..

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