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the very best cure for headaches that i have found is actually in henbane leaves. many people are afraid of this plant because it is highly poisonus, however they ussually never do any reaserch on it's many many uses. this plant is harmless and extremly benificial when used externally. as far as headaches simply take a leaf and place it on your head, whare it hurts the most, and put a warm wet wrag on top. your headache should be gone in about 5-10 min. if not simply add another leaf.

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Poisonous leaves? You have got to be kidding me. Thanks for for nothing.


the person that said ,you`ve got to be kidding me is obviously afraid to try something that actually works. stupid is as stupid can lead a horse to water,but you can`t make him drink it.


I agree with the first post. After reading this, I'll just stick to my advil


Its only poison if u eat it stupids.


google it. look for a webMD website. its true. it can be taken by mouth they just dont suggest it unless a doc. gives it to you cuz too much will kill you... and its for outer use

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