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For years I had a ton of warts on the heel of my feet. I tried many different home remedies & over the counter products, nothing worked. I suffer from back problems & my Doctor told me to use the foot patches that remove toxins from your Body. I put thwm on one for two nights & noticed on the second night that my warts that I had for years were gone. I had atleast 10 of them one my foot for so long & they all went away. You can see small circles where each wart was though. But I no longer feel any pain or pinching & its been about 6mos & they didn't come back

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yeah i have 6 on the bottom of my foot and it has been hurting alot i cant walk on it


Those foot patches seriously took away your plantar warts?? I have been dealing with them for 20 years! at this point they're not painful, but my feet are embarrassing! Why would I want anyone to look at or touch my feet with these things all over the bottom?? If those patches work I might have to get some.


what kind of patches did you use? thankss


I got those patches for a different reason and tried them forever ago and they didn't do that for me. Glad it worked for you though.

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