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I have toenail fungus for many years; tried prescritions from doctors and topical doctor scripts to no avail; finally what has worked for me: resist the urge to clip nails when they are very short due to pain from the fungus; clip only the health nails that become long and are in need; I use a athletes foot spray twice a day along with vicks vapo rub topical; i also used sears mens organic cotton socks; but the most important thing you can do is drink organic carrot juice; 4 oz a day; it has lemon juice mixed in for taste; this has something to do with making protein or calcium useable for the nails; you will notice your nails becoming harder ; fingernails also; this will take almost a year to cure; after all I had had this for 10 years so I am very happy with this cure; change shoes every day; alternate; have at least 2 pairs; i buy Lakewood Organic pure carrot juice at Wegmans; I hope this works for all of you; I am so happy to help all that have suffered as much as I have

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I was told years ago to drink gelatin to strengthen the nails, I would mix it with the Orange Juice powder. Don't remember if it helped any, other than possibly making the nails stronger, probably didn't do it long enough though. Anything you try will take a long time to work.

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