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ok you have a fever blister... be strict with it you dont wanna go out in public with that. so this is what you do FIRST prevention: theres a reason your getting them stop stressing,sun exposure,smoking, eating chocolate, acidic foods,or salty foods cut down on it.
also take vitamin c and lysine.

SECOND: treat it.
dont bother with Abreva that shit doesnt work or any over the counter meds for it.
do try: softening it with warm water
popping it with a sterilized needle
nail polish remover
crushed up vit c pills
apple cider
and secret deoderant or ban deoderant
also eat licorice the real kind that has licorice mass in it not anise the glycrrhzic acid in it is the bomb do these things and it will be gone one of them will work for you within a day it will be gone trust me i know

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To the malicious and mean-spirited people who hide behind some anonymous blog name giving out rediculous so-called 'advice' to others such as putting 'bleach' and 'nail polish remover' on an open sore: I really hope your life improves...because so far, it's apparently pathetic.


I have been getting fever blisters my whole life. Recently someone suggested polish remover, to my suprise it REALLY works! Take it from me if you get them like I do you will try ANYTHING to get rid of them.


what does the crushed up vitamin C do?


Nail polish remover is the worst possible thing to use. I did it once and ended up having to go to the hospital because the remover caused burns all over my face. Please don't be stupid.


Any product with acetone in it (such as most nail polish removers) is actually an acid. I would not recomend acetone on antones face..


I use nail polish remover almost every time, I've use everything listed here. When you get then as bad as I do, you'll do anything. Tea Tree Oil is also awesome.


I seriously hope that anyone with a brain realizes that bleach is a poison and the moment it enters the blood stream (via OPEN BLISTER THATS BEEN EFFIN POPPED!!!!) it WILL make you sick. Im a nurse. I know. Morons


just sayin.. nail polish really works.

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