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Laura Barb

Boric acid is the secret that Pest Control companies don't want us to know about. It is not poisonous at all. It is mined from the Mojave Desert. It is the most economical and effective pest control on earth. It kills everything from ants to termites and everything in between! It is safe to use around children. It is used for diaper rash, eye wash and salves, etc. Look it up under Home Remedies for termites and see for your self. Borax is also safe and effective.

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I used Boric Acid to get rid of cockroaches. YES it is very bad and toxic if you breath it in!!! I had to go to the hospital for a chemical burn in my lungs. I could not sleep laying down for months. It took 5 months for me to get well. PLEASE be careful if you use boric acid for anything!!!


It says right there on the container that it comes in that it is harmful to humans and domestic animals and to keep away from children and do not use near any food prep areas.... always read your containers warnings and cautions before using product!!


Please do not ever use boric acid again. It's clear you haven't done any research on the dangers of it. For the love of god, do not use it near your eye/mouth/etc or anywhere near your pets. Are you kidding me? It kills roaches, yes, but it can also kill your children and pets!!! Do not do another thing until you research boric acid more.. yeesh.

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