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I actually have a question. I have severe light headedness along with my anxiety. I've had cat scans, MRI etc. There is nothing wrong with me. Does anyone else have this problem??

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I used to have all this too but I never ever got any real long term relief from my anxiety or panic attacks until I started using the panic away technique.

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Nervous Norah

The light-headedness is caused by hyperventilation. Basically, those of us who suffer from anxiety either breathe too fast or too shallow. There is an excellent little book all about it called 'Hyperventilation Syndrome' written by Dinah Bradley, a nurse from New Zealand. It's a frightening symptom, but nothing to worry about and she explains how to overcome it.


Wait - lightheadedness can have a number of causes - some benign, some not. A CT or MRI only rules out a few things, so to say there's 'nothing wrong,' may not be true.

Yes, as another commenter says, it COULD be hyperventilation - but that's if the lightheaded sensation is coming FROM the anxiety. What about when it's the other way around? A person could become anxious because of feeling lightheaded (eg. With an inner ear infection), and Several conditions - some serious - can cause lightheadedness (technical term is presyncope) AND anxiety - with both being caused by the same underlying problem, rather than one causing the other. Do you follow?

Example - hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) typically causes both anxiety and lightheaded feelings, and can ultimately cause you to pass out. Some heart conditions - for instance, mitral valve prolapse, if severe, can cause both symptoms. So could a number of lung disorders - something as common as undetected asthma, or as rare as a degenerative lung disease.

Please be careful not to reassure people too much since we can't know for sure what they might have! Thanks for considering.


try adrenal support vitamins like B5.


Thank goodness for you drjenn! For your comments!

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