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put disherwashing soap (we used Dawn)on a cottonball & place over tick. he will start backing out on his own, then get him with tweezer. it took about a minute.

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We had a tick in an actually human head(with long hair) and we tried this. With the dish soap it back out just enough to get it out, although it made it really slick and hard to grasp. i would recommend trying this atleast!


With anything that stresses the tick you run the risk that it will spit into the bite. That way you get whatever bacteria it's carrying into your system.


This will work - at getting them to inject MORE desease into the wound! Stressing a tick causes them to spit bacteria back into the wound they've made. Sheesh, why do people keep suggesting these ideas?

James Kirks

Used a Q-tip and dipped it in Dawn and rub bed on tick and less than a minute they both released

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