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I have found that one of the very best remedies for a very upset stomach is simply drinking one ot two bottles of Guiness Stout beer. This very old Irish beer has been touted for it's medicinal properties for a very long time. I don't particularly enjoy the strong taste, but it seems to do the trick!

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the only thing wrong with that is that only people that are 21 or older can use that. but otherwise that's a very good idea!!


Wow that is stupid!!!!!! I am 15!!!! Do say i should drink when i am not of age!!!!! Wow!!!!!!


Chill out people, they were just telling us an idea. If you don't want to drink the beer, don't, but don't jump down his back!


wow that's genius dude. that is the best remedy i have ever heard of , thanks dude.


it worked for me! thanks!


Love it... Yet another reason for me to drink Guinness...:))
Now my girlfriend can't complain... I will just tell her that I have a terribly upset stomach, and bottoms up!! Cheers!


Brilliance :)totallyyy works and i dont know why lol and clearly people dont understand this is a site for suggestions on what works for them NO NEED TO GET ALL FEISTY if youre not of age then go read about the mint teas and gatorades thank you and good day

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