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Tecnu + Caladryl + clay facial mask has gotten rid of most of the weeping, itchy rash 4 days after exposure to poison ivy + eating a mango. Now my question is, how to scrub off the red scaly scabby skin that remains, before a job interview tomorrow?!

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Nadja Goertz

I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions... but I AM curious about the mango bit.
I'm allergic to mango and highly allergic to poison ivy. I've heard the plants are related. I wonder if many people really allergic to poison ivy are allergic to mango and vice versa...


Urushiol is the oil on poison ivy and it's the same oil on the skin of a mango, but just not nearly as much - that's why I think most people who are allergic to mango really only react on their lips - very sensitive skin that is most likely to come into contact with the oil. I am also very allergic to poison ivy as well as mango - but I only have a problem if I somehow come in contact with the skin. Usually if I peel the skin away and then IMMEDIATELY scrub my hands, eating the mango is no problem. If I don't, my lips puff up like I'm Angelina Jolie.
I'm not positive about this part, but I also just try not to let the juice stay on my lips or face too long before washing it off - especially while I'm in the sun, but that is just intuition talking... not sure if there is anything to that.
I WOULD be curious about the possibility of small doses of urushiol - such as what is on a mango - somehow helping those extremely allergic to overcome the allergy. If allergies are simply the immune system over-reacting and they are finding more and more that there is a huge link between emotional/stress responses and allergies... I wonder if having small doses of urushiol and maintaining a positive and stress-free environment would show any improvement for allergies?

Anyone know of a related study?

oozy suzy

I also see that mango, cashews and ginko bibloba are in the poison ivy, oak family and wonder about this as I have a raging rash, 3 weeks now and new blisters just days ago. I have eaten mangos a few days ago as well as cashews, but it is on my hands, these new blisters and I have done storm cleanup; tornado and severe straightline winds so who knows what I have picked up.This stress factor - I am unemployed and this rash is really affecting me here. I will apply to places I don't care so much now, but the ones I really want I will stay away from until this rash goes away; and boy do you ever scratch when the stress goes up and the heat. Yes, stress definitely contributes to the healing of this or lack of, I have no doubt about that. I can usually walk through poison ivy and not get it as a matter of fact. Not this year.

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