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A clean and healthy colon is they key to healthy skin. Everyone should have a least two bowel movements a day ( three is ideal), and drink 64 oz of water a day. So if you're not getting either one of these, then you'll probably have bad skin. Take a colon cleanser everyday or one week out of a month to keep you clean. Also wash your face every night and day to keep bacteria down. Don't get a colonic though because that just clears you out temporarily and doesn't strengthen the colon like colon cleansers does. I promise you after one month, you'll see a huge different if you have acne even at all then.

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Applying an enema once a week will have the same effect and will be much cheaper. I agree with the poster, cleaning the colon is like healing your skin from the inside and that's much more efficient than applying any topical remedies. It will also help you with many other health problems.

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