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Obviously heat helps alleviate cramps. One simple way to facilitate this is to use your lap top lying down. Put the lap top on your lower belly, and enjoy (for once) the fact that your computer's internal fans are inefficient or non-existent (holler to all the Apple users out there!).

Secondly, I've found that using a menstrual cup (i.e. Diva Cup, LadyCup, etc) really helps with cramps. I think it's because then your uterus has something to contract against. Also, they are without a doubt the most comfortable form of menstrual protection.

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lol i was having a horrible cramp and i was like 'i need a heating pad or something like that.' then i used the laptop and now i find that it is a real really helps...i <3 the computer/laptop. its my bestie


A computer may be warming, but it's pretty bad advice to use a laptop for heat for cramping. It's like using a mobile phone against the head for a headache...but the laptop is larger and generates more radiation.

I took some rocks from out of our front yard, heated them for a bit in the oven and then poured them (not overly hot, but definitely very warm...warm enough to stay that way for a while. They were all a bit larger than the size of a quarter. I put them in an old pillowcase and then placed a thick towel on my belly, the pillowcase filled with very warm rocks on top of the towel. I had tied a knot in the pillowcase to keep rocks from falling out of the pillowcase.

Excellent. All natural. No radiation, and it lasts more than long enough to alleviate pain. I think this is a healthier option.

Great site!!


Heat has always been the best thing for cramps. I agree that the laptop as a heater is not a great remedy. But I want to comment on the Diva Cup, I found to, that after using the menstrual cup, my cramps weren't nearly as crippling. The cup is also much much more comfortable and makes the whole 5 days a month, much easier. No extra trash to have to cover up, no smell, and less crampy. I also feel to that I end up 'bleeding' for a day less because I'm not keeping it all blocked up in there with a tampon.

John Cena

Heat does help and my schlong is really warm right now.

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