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I eat a pepperoncini or two and it takes my heartburn away.

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That's retarded


what are you an idiot, that will make it worse


That is mean.


i mean really hw craz is dat dude??? dat make it worse duhhh...i thk dey being an ass


Yep - pepperochini's, pickels, jalopeanoe's in a jar - anything packed in vinegar works like magic.
Nothing absurd, insane or retarded about it.

dont knock it

Hate to say it but I agree. I eat some kimchi, or heavily red-peppered kimchi chigae, or pasta loaded with red-pepper flakes, or a pickled jalapeno -- like he said. Maybe it's in the pickling?


I believe it is the vinegar...often times vinegar is suggested to add to your cooking if the food is too spicy...just a thought


i can think about pepperonni and get heart burn but not sure what a pepperochini is so have to do some more research and see. i have heard that a shot glass full of vinegar will cure heart burn though.


It's is so true. I had wicked heartburn and had no medacine or vinegar in the house. Took a swig of pickle juice and it was completely gone within a couple minutes. Worked better than any medacine Ive ever used. Awesome.

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