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A. Moll

I had two wisdom teeth surgically removed a week ago, one of them healed perfectly fine but the other one turned in to a dry socket. The pain was unbearable due to the infection. After researching this website I found that the best remedy was the Red Cross Toothache kit, then I called a dentist friend of mine who lives in Peru and she added the following procedure witch came out to be almost a miracle solution for me. First, mix warm water with a bit of the clove oil provided with the kit and flush the socket profusely with a syringe until all the residues and particles are cleaned out. Second, clean the socket with a cotton swab previously submerge in the same warm oil/water mix. As you repeat this process you will feel how the pain and discomfort goes away. Third, Make a small roll of gauze and dip it in clove oil and carefully insert it in the socket and leave it. Repeat this procedure after every meal. Keep it clean and follow up with your Doctor.

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I had extreme pain (9.5 on a 10 scale) 7 days after my 2 lower impacted wisdom teeth were removed. Pain Meds were doing nothing much to kill the pain. I called the Doctor where I had the oral surgery done and they had me come in immediately. When I got there they rinsed the sockets and used Clove oil on thin strips of cloth to stuff into the sockets. Pain went from 9.5 to about a 2. It wasn't a 5 minute relief like many here have said but an hour later I was feeling pretty good. I went in the following day (yesterday) to have them removed and get new ones. Tomorrow I go back to have these removed. I have been relatively pain free. Hope all the BS from the surgery is now over.


I had 4 wisdom surgically extracted at once and ended up getting dry socket even after i did EXACTLY what the dentist said. However after 3 Days of eating pain pills and hurting to the point of damn near insanity I researched this 'dry socket' coming across this remedy. This is the BEST thing I have ever had for a tooth ache. it cost about $7.00 at your local wal-greens and burns just for a minutewhen u apply it for a rinse. After that it PAIN FREE from there!! Thanks Very Much for whoever Posted this!!!!!


Why didn't my dentist tell me about this?!!! Had a molar extracted on Monday and Wednesday was miserable. Back to dentist on Thursday to hear, 'You have a dry socket'. He gave me script for Tylenol 4 and a wave goodbye. Needless to say the pills did NOTHING to relieve the agony. Thank Heaven I found this site. I am still sore a bit but able to function. I am getting angrier as I write this. Dont dentists take a vow like other doctors to help relieve the pain their patients are suffering?

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