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One of my home remedies for a sore throat is that I usually eat pickles becuase the juice is acidic.

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I think this could possibly work for you because it worked for me.


i read this and thought it could possably work as it hurt everytime i swallow n one side of my throuat was slightly swollen so i thought id give it a try the closest i could find was pickeld onions and ate then while reading on and they really did help i could feel the pain subside try it for yourself and thanks to the person who put it up


omg that is really good to knw bc i love pickles and i did not knw this thnk u


I like pickles

Ms. Cookie of New Orleans

Doing this has gotten me immediate results! My sore thoroat started 1/24/11 and I checked out the site on 1/27/11 @ 8:41 am and started feeling better at 8:43!!!!! I promise you THIS REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks so much for this remedy I just tried it bcuz my throat was killing me and its swollen couldn't even swallow I was miserable but after seeing this I tried it right away and its really doing the trick and I now can swallow without choking...such an ease...Thank you!

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