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If you have an infant who has oral thrush this is an old remedy but it only works with breastfeed infants. Use breastfed infant urine from cloth diaper or paper towel (just not the moisture absorbing gel diapers) and rub it on the infants tongue and around the mouth. I know it sounds disgusting but breastfed infant urine contains ammonia which kills off the bacteria and it is perfectly safe. I used it for my 2 month old daughter at the first sign of thrush and it was gone almost 2 days later.

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My son had the worst thrush ever, as an infant. The doctors tried EVERYTHING, prescription-wise, most of which were acids. Guess what-didn't work, and my son's thrush became so terrible, he couldn't eat. My grandmother suggested the urine method...I almost vomited. After another week passed, my son starting losing weight, I gave in and tried it. Miracles of miracles, it was gone in a day!! Reasoning is, the yeast occurs after antibiotics (often the culprit, but not always), rob your body of its healthy bacteria, so only your bacteria can destroy the yeast. This is a home remedy that sounds awful, but truly works. By the way, to everyone saying this is abuse, horrible, etc...are you saying its healthier to put unnatural chemicals and acid in your child's mouth? Think on that. Also, you're not putting a ton of urine in their mouth, just enough to dampen a washcloth. :)

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