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If you have an infant who has oral thrush this is an old remedy but it only works with breastfeed infants. Use breastfed infant urine from cloth diaper or paper towel (just not the moisture absorbing gel diapers) and rub it on the infants tongue and around the mouth. I know it sounds disgusting but breastfed infant urine contains ammonia which kills off the bacteria and it is perfectly safe. I used it for my 2 month old daughter at the first sign of thrush and it was gone almost 2 days later.

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This is unsanitary and can cause a whole new world of problems for your infant such as hand, foot and mouth.. bacterial infections, even more serious issues. DONT EVER DO THIS!!!!

-Pediatric Nurse


Oh My God! You are kidding...right????!!! That is awful! What were you thinking?! I really hope some first time mother didn't try this in desperation!




thank you for sharng this remedy with us. i actually combat thrush for some time, nastatin, aftin, water with lemon, boiling everything every night.-and it still come back. My grand ma told me that i should use urine to heel it as she did with her kids years ago. and this is my next try, hoping it will help.

Mama Mo

My Grandmother would also use urine for thrush; all of her kids grew up healthy. Many estrogen hormone pills are made from pregnant mare (horse) if urine is so bad...why do the Rx Companies use it? If you do your research you will find that urine when it is fresh is very sterile. Before modern med. urine was used for many medical ills...just kept secret because of idiots who would think it unsafe.


This sounds bad but my grandma used this as a treatment for years. I was also cured this way. I'm not 100% sure this is a clean way but I can say I would consider this as it works immediately and 100% of the time. You don't always have time to try other methods when it comes to you baby. I would however only use this method if the baby was breastfeed. I love you.


You first :(

I am an adult and I got Thrush. It hurts. I see why babies cry so much when they have it. Ive been whining all day. Im wondering if a urine popcicle would work? Maybe I'll try yogurt first.


After Nystatin etc failed, this actually seems to work on my 2-month old. And it is true, urine is not unhygienic at all, only poop will cause hand, foot and mouth disease. my son almost always pees when I take off his diapers, so I simply collected some pee in a clean glass and applied with cotton swab.


I would try feces too just to be thorough

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