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Slept on a heating pad pain slowly started going away almost instantly. Woke up with no pain.

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Thank you so much, I actually had no problems with my ear but I wanted to try the ear wax removal kit, and must of done something wrong but my ear was in extreme pain as if I had an ear infection so I got online and read your comment and I tried it the heating pad did wonders and I woke up with no pain!


I got an ear infection after using one of those wax removal kits too! (The cone of wax you stick in your ear and light on fire - lol). It was the first and only ear infection I had in my adult life.


your pain started going away slowly yet instantly? Hmm.. miracle.


I to tried using a warm wash cloth. It really does help with the pain and I could feel some liquid draining out of my ears. I do have an ear infection. My doctor told me it doesn't look too good inside my ears. I am not taking that weir antibiotic stuff, as most of it I am allergic to. I went to health food store and the guy recommended something for my ear. I have yet to buy it and I don't remember the name of it.

When I was younger I used to use Vix and place on cotton ball, then place cotton ball in my ear. It hurt yea, but it took my ear infection away.

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