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do any of these remedies work before the wart has ''broken the surface''? I've had one on and off for 5 years... been in and out of dermatologists and podiatrists.... no luck with ANY of the treatments... did chemo, freezing, burning, scraping, luck went ahead and started the Apple cidar vinegar tonight.... it isn't even on an open 'hole' and it kinda stinks already? i couldn't imagine the pain some of you were talking about when they get big and gapping 'holes'...

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Yes these remedies work. I had the same problem my wart was under my skin I had to file it down do that I can expose the wart then I soak it in vineger for 10 min then dry my foot and I used the w compound gel and when that drys on my foot I cover it with duck tape yes I said duck tape. Covering the wart keeps it from spreading and from breathing. Leave it covers for 2-3 days or longer, when you remove the tape you skin will be very soft so file it down and do it all over again. I cleard my wart up in 3 weeks.

1. Wash with soap
2. Soak feet in warm water with vineger for 10 min
3. Towel dry feel
4. File wart down
5. W compound gel 'only' on the wart
6. Cover with duct/ duck tape 2-3 days or more
7. Repeat step 1-6 until wart is gone
remember you need to file/ rub/ peer off the dead
skin of the wart each time you soak.


If your plantars warts are still bothering you try bee propolis 1000 mg capsules. If your wart breaks the skin try the 70% tincture. Bee propolis has very strong antiviral properties. You should see improvement in a matter of days.


You seriously tried Chemo? What kind? And were you being treated for Cancer as well? What kind?

I've had a wart on my left foot since I got married about 2 1/2 years ago and I went through Chemo for Hodgkin's Lymphoma (ABVD) from January to June of last year and it did nothing for my wart.

I had warts frozen off by my doctor several years ago, and it hurt ALOT! I was even on crutches for a couple of weeks my foot hurt that much. And I have some nerve damage in my feet from Chemo, and they are even more sensitve now. So I do not want to go back to the doctor to get them removed. I am going to try the ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide to see if that gets rid of them.

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