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HPV Warts

Hey guys I've also used apple cider vinegar works Here is what I did(I'm a Guy btw):

For Large Stubborn Warts:

They became resistant to ACV(apple cider vinegar) so to counter that I sterilized a needle(lighter + needle til red) and picked at the wart just enough to puncture it from a few sides(make sure you let the needle cool and wipe the burn metal) to let the apple cider soak in easier. Remember once punctured it is contaminated simplify dip the needle in ACV and continue so the virus doesn't spread!

How to secure ACV on warts:
1. medical wrap(self stick to itself)- 4 dollars
2. medical tape - 3 dollars
3. cotton balls - 1 dollar
4. ACV - 4 dollars
5. Needles - 1 dollar
6. Bandaids (for warts not on shaft or hard to reach) - 2 dollars
(all can be purchased at your local Walmart or drug store)

-first, soak a cotton ball with ACV and continue with pre soaking warts.
-next, start isolating cottonballs soaked with ACV and apply to all targeted warts.
-than, take the medical wrap and wrap it around the shaft until it is secure enough to hold all cottonballs in place.
-finally, use medical tape to secure(suggest use only 1 inch strips) you will know why if you've done this enough and tried to wrap tape all around the shaft(PS. this constrains the penis when blood flows = uncomfortable + pain so beware!).

After 3-5 hours or so remove the wrappings save the medical tape for additional use until unusable. And wash your area with soap and water.

Good luck and be wart FREE!

A concern I am having now is now that i'm wart free i still have scars from where the warts use to be how are you guys dealing with that? Is there a way to reduce scars?

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I've tried the ACV, cryo and Condylux (not sure of the spelling). i had one wart in my early twenties, it was cryo'd off and was fine for years. When I hit my late 30's, and i'm sure due to alot of stress, and lifestyle (drinking too much, no exercise, very little sleep) they came back with a vengeance. I've been trying ot fight them with any number of remedies, but now i have various kinds of warts too - some califlower, some flat, and they are near impossible to get a ACV soaked cotton ball directly on. Very frustrating. I have scars from earlier treatment - I wish I read this site sooner. I've just accepted it. I did try Coco Butter, which did seem to help, but then I had another outbreak (the third in the last couple months) it's like they're going into overdrive and I have been taking vitamins, sleeping more, etc. In short, I'd rather have some scars that these annoying outbreaks all the time...

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