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Hey everyone... I've been reading all your entries b/c I also have a boil on my pantie line (inner thigh) MOST PAINFUL THING I HAVE EVER HAD!!! I'm not sure if most the posties are from the states but I'm in Ontario, CANADA and some of the gels and ointments listed on the site pharmacist don't know anything about, so i went to see a doctor. He told me that it was a good thing I came in early and he prescribed me an antibiotic called 'Apo-Cephalex 500mg tab (APX)' 'Cephalexin tab 500mg', i also took my mothers advice and put 'antibiotic Polysporin complete' on a bandage/gauze and placed it over the boil over night and when i woke up there was FINALLY a head! needless to say i can walk again lol. now is the hard part keeping it clean and infection free, so I'm using a body soap/shampoo called ' TERSASEPTIC' which is an antibacterial soap. Good Luck and hope this helps :0)

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I have one on my panty line also...Im so going to try this...I have had enough


Omg i know the feeling im dealing with this as i type this in sooo much pain. i going to try doing what you did


did this work, because I have one on the same exact spot and I am dying. I tried the iththemol or however you spell it, and it is doing NOTHING for me!!!! Help please!

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