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Okay, I'm a big baby. And dentists are sadists: I'm getting a tooth extracted tomorrow (I agree: root canals only cause more problems later), and the dentist (who I saw earler today) didn't prescribe anything for the pain I was enduring. 'The soonest I can see you is tomorrow morning....')

Enough complaining: I was trying everything, with limited success. Like most, ibuprofen and even Nyquil stopped working for longer periods; I was needing a fix every hour..which left me with sleeplessness.

So, I retired to my computer and I thank you all for your suggestions...namely misery loves company, and reading these kept me busy with my mind off the pain. I

I tried a couple but what really worked for me was the SPORTSCREAM on the cheek outside the toothache. I used ICY HOT: BEWARE: my eye right above the cheek was watering and irritated something fierce: I had to wipe off the cheek with cool water, BUT the pain lessened considerably... for about an hour.

Good luck.

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Im Here To Help

dont do none of these suggestions will not help you at all a goody or bc power will do the job temporary and fast until you can seek a dentist


What is a goody or bc power?

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