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ok, so I found this site yesterday after being sick of a (what i thought was just one was many more!) wart that was uncomfortable. Every movement made me remember what was down there! I had REALLY bad warts during my pregnancy (the first and only breakout before now) and was told there was nothing they could do til after I gave birth (a c section cuz of this bs!!)... and I just want to say I think no treatment during pregnancy and a c section ARE the way to go if you have HPV and are pregnant!!!!! Some girl posted that she stuck a tampon full of toothpaste up there during pregnancy!!!! That can NOT be good for the baby... what the heck!!! Also, some guy gives his email and number saying some magic drink cured him... he's trying to sell this stuff he claims is the answer to probably a million ailments out there (seriously if some1 had the time they could prob find him everywhere, and if you called and asked what ailment it cured he'd be stumped, he wouldn't know what forum you found him on lol!)
Anyway, last night I tried dousing TP in peroxide and putting it on the area, which is like right inside the hole... which is HARD TO SEE AND GET TO UGH! But they are painful so I wasnt about to leave them. Anyway, I covered the area with vaseline so it would only effect the warts. I felt like air bubbles coming out all night and couldnt sleep in fear that my whole vagina was going to burn off that night haha!!! Well, today there was no change, none ositive at least! Just felt swolllen or water loggged it was weird! I also dripped the contents of a vit E pill into shea butter this morning, which didnt sooth, it made me feel sooooo dryyy.
So, right now I am trying toothpaste. I dont even know if it's the right kind, but let me tell you, when it first went on I thought I was gonna die (for like 5 secs) and I starting sweating so bad!!!!! But soon after it is feeling k ind of soothed... much better than I have in days. Just very minty which is kind of scaring me lol. I dont care what happens to the warts, im just scared of the healthy skin!!!! AH!
Wish me luck..... next step is ACV which im putting off cuz it sounds scarry and it means a trip to the store lol.

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ACV is what i wouldve tried 1st! putting toothpaste inside doesnt sound like a good idea at all!!


so even trying acv while pregnant isnt a good idea??? i just discovered that i had gw, it was just one for a while now theres more, im pregnant and i hate them it makes life more difficult cuz it makes me feel gross with eveything i do.


PLEASE DO NOT USE ACV inside!!!! you will burn your insides...try aloe vera or what I did castor oil soaked tampons..I had cervical dysplasia level 3, and 6 mos later its gone. I understand it can clear up on, but a 3?
when 4 is cancer? I now do it @3x a week and put it outside also..Will bleach sheets & undies use a pad (long hospt type) to help...also google Castor oil to see the hundreds of other uses..I bought mine at walmart @2.50 in the pharm isle XoXO

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