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I asked my mom if she could get me bio-oil at the store. But she refused and said to look for a bottle in the medicine cabinet that says J/A/S/O/N on it. Its made with vitamin E and Aloe Vera. I felt sticky afterwards but i started to see a major difference.

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tanks do u know by any chance wat stores they sell this at..

Kayla (:

You can order it online at jason-natural . com


which product is it? I went to the website but the have a lot for skin care


You can purchase the product at Wholefoods! It's $7


Well heres my story: I am only 11 yrs old. 11 yrs OLD! I'm an african american, and I have DEEP stretch marks on my butt, and as they go down towards my legs, they get really thin, but there are like a ZILLION of them!I hate it b/c while my lucky friends are wearing shorts and they're skin is smooth, with nothing on it, i was stuck wearing pants that ended just after my knees. I HATED it.
My mom bought me bio-oil, and its may 5th, I've been using it ever since march, and so far i am not seeing any differences....But the package DID say to use it for a MINIMUM of 3 months.
I'm trying out for volleyball in middle school, and they dont let you in UNLESS you wear booty shorts(really short shorts) and my marks are everywhere, so I'm using vitamin E capsols, and a body wash which I bought at walmart, with aloe vergin oil, shea butter, and jojoba, and I use cocoa butter lotion mixed with my bio oil (it specializes in streches) and my marks are literally...well...GONE! I mean my skin is firm, smooth, and the marks are either gone, or very light, and the color of my skin tone. Oh yea, I forgot, I saw a dermatologist, and he said to eat lots of fruit and veggies, and water. He also said, that it is best to try this during fall/winter so that since your wearing jeans, it doesn't show, and by summer they're cleared up.

I hope this works.

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