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I tried the gentian violet for 2 days, and it gave my baby mouth sores and she stopped nursing for 2 days. Gentian violet is derived form coal, it's toxic. And as far as the rose honey remedy listed here, you are not suppose to give babies under one year old honey or they can die from infant botulism, very serious stuff.

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Actually 2 years old is the recommended age b4 you give a child honey...not 1 years old!
(aka: Mom of 3)


Gentian violet is safe to use per Jack Newman for thrush, but it MUST be the 1% solution. If it's not, you need to dilute it in water. Any stronger will give the sores you saw.


my daughter will b a yr old tomorrow, she's been having honey in her tea for 6 months now, it helps when she's sick


This information on honey makes me very angry. I have done years of research on the information on WHY they tell you it is 'dangerous' is preposterous! My family has been using honey since well before my birth and there has never been a problem. I have used it with ALL of my children without problems. It's safer than most of the other junk and has many beneficial properties. FYI pasteurized honey has almost NO RISK of botulism! and raw honey, back i nthe 70's was labeled as dangerous when someone in the FDA decided that 7 (that's only SEVEN) cases in SEVEN years (that's ONE case per year), most of which were in Canada (all but ONE) were as a result of honey consumption. My child has a higher risk of dying of SIDS than that! And BTW, Karo syrup comes with EQUAL risk of botulism. Ugh!


I used it whilst breast feeding, I put it on my nipples before I feed and baby got his dose from that. It didn't cause any problems. He was 6months at the time. And provided a laugh for my older children cause I was purple.


miel de rosas or rose honey isn't honey. It's a red solution and you can't get botulism from it. It works for thrush and comes from the pharmacy in a little bottle with a dropper top like an eye solution.

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