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Becky R.

One product was my life saver for my horrible pain. Cepachol maximum numbing sore throat & cough lozenges. They are 20% benzocaine and 10% (I think) menthol. The chloraseptic Max lozenges would probably work well also. I was miserable for days and had already used TWO whole tubes of Anbesol(oragel). I thought I had built up a tolerance to the benzocaine in that tooth area because it didn't seem to work anymore. However, I think I just couldn't keep it on the area long enough to let the medicine get down to the roots before it was washed away by saliva. The lonzenges last over an hour each and provide hours and hours of complete pain relief. I would keep one in for 10-15 minutes and take it out. My tooth never hurt bad ever again. Out of the 20 different things I tried the lozenges were the only thing that ever provide hours of relief instead of 10 minutes of relief. Good luck. I feel your pain.

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