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Becky R.

I was in severe pain for days with a bad toothache in the top-very back left tooth. I was taking antibiotics for the infection, because removing the infection is the only way to stop the pain. However, the antibiotics take 2-3 days to begin working and I was in excruciating pain with tears rolling down my face. I tried all of the home remedies I could find. Most would help temporarily-maybe 10-15 minutes and then I would be in horrible pain again. I was at my wits end and was ready to pull it with pliers myself. I don't have dental insurance or the money to have it pulled. I was in so much pain I would have tried anything to stop it. I went RUNNING into walgreens and I was not going to leave until I found something that offered lasting relief. With tears streaming down my face I just started pulling products off the shelf right there and opening them and using them. I was determined to find lasting relief. I would grab a product, use it, and continue sitting there in the floor in tears to see if it provided lasting relief. I wasn't leaving until I found the product that worked. Luckily the 2nd product I grabbed was Cepachol maximum numbing sore throat lozenges with 20% benzocaine and I think 5% of menthol. I opened the package right there and threw one in my mouth back by my hurting tooth. Within a minute or less the pain quit and never came back to the intensity I had been experiencing. After 4-5 days of severe pain I finally had lasting relief. Although I had already used TWO tubes of Anbesol (Oragel) with benzocaine it never worked as well as the throat lozenges. The anbesol would numb my whole face and tooth for about 15 minutes but come right back. I had poked and prodded my gums and tooth in that area by trying to get the anbesol back to it that my gums and cheek were so sore. Although the lozenges had the same ingredient (benzocaine) as the anbesol (oragel) they worked much much better. I believe it is because I could put and keep the lozenge right on the tooth to allow the benzocaine to get down into the roots of my problem tooth. The anbesol would just be washed off as soon as I put it on and couldn't get down to the parts of the tooth that mattered. Each lozenge would last over an hour each but I could take it out after about 15-20 mintues and the tooth never hurt bad again after the very first one. Several hours later I would start to feel just a little bit of minor ache from the tooth so I would put in a lozenge for about 10-15 minutes and not have ANY pain again for the rest of the day and half the next day. I don't know why, but after that first lozenge the pain NEVER came back to even a tenth of the previous intensity. The lozenges were a life saver for me. I had tried EVERYTHING and this is the only thing that provided lasting and permanent relief. I will never ever be without a stock of the lozenges in case tooth pain hits again. I also took 2-3 excedrin to help with the pain. The excedrin did temporarily help sometimes for a couple of hours. But after getting the lozenges I didn't have to take hardly any more excedrin. Get the Cepachol maximum numbing sore throat/cough lozenges. They were miraculous. Chloraseptic also makes a lozenge that is even stronger than the cepachol, with more menthol and I think benzocaine than the Cepachol max numbing. SO the chloraseptic would probably work good also. Good luck. You must take antibiotics though to rid the tooth of infection that is causing the pain. Good luck to all. I feel for you.

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wow it did wonders! It stopped hurting and gave me some relief and then the pain didnt come back as strong! THANK YOU!!! I went to the store and popped them in my mouth before I went to the time I was out I was starting to feel some relief...and I was in tears when I went in...just left my sunglasses on. Thank you...I was willling to try anything! I had tried so much..this is the only thing that helped!!!

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