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ok I have prom tonight and I have two sores along my bottom jaw line, makes it very hard to smile(like in the crevis where my jaw and gum meet) I normally get sores on my tongue and cheeks. This is a new one for me. Tt's been about a week since they showed up and they are only getting worse, but this morning I did a series of things. First I let peroxide sit in my mouth untill it foamed up on its own,(no swishing) then spit and repeat (after foam that is left over, which is the part that is healing it, is gone) then I rinsed with a little salt water, that hurts like CRAZY but afterwards NO PAIN then I did the whole baking soda paste thing let it DRY on there(yes I drooled a little trying to keep my cheek open)then rinsed it out again with warm salt water, I just rinsed again with peroxide and it's already feeling 100 times better.

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i have tried almost all of the 'home remedies' mentioned without much success. when my mouth 'breaks out' it is not just one or two sores, my whole mouth hurts! tongue, cheeks, roof gums...they all hurt. i get this type of thing when i am seriously stressed, lacking sleep and eating like just about anytime. my grandma told me the way her dad used to keep his mouth from getting sore...mix some vinegar with salt...a lot of salt and gargle for about one minute a couple of times a day. it is beyond gross and tastes like the worst kind of nasty, but your mouth will instantly feel better and the soreness will be gone within 24hrs. not a miracle (a miracle wouldn't taste this bad) but definitely worth the effort...and i didn't see anything mentioned about vinegar and salt! works like a charm!


baking soda has helped my pain go away! thank u!!

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