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I know this is going to sounds gross, but it works!Put baking powder in a glass of water and drink it ALL! Even if it taste gross, you still have to drink it! After you drink it, if you feel your stomach rumbleing, that means that the baking powder is cleaning your stomach! You may even sometimes have to make gas, that's a good thing! Hope it works! :)

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wow its effective its kinda salty but it works thanks a lot


I tried this with baking soda, after a lot of reading because I was nervous, but it turns out it really works and fast! I shouldnt have wasted all that time reading because I would have felt better 30 minute ago Thanks



Ashley B.

helllo...this morning i trew up liquid and then later in the day i took a nap...and a couple hours later.........i got a stomack drinking gingle ale...and im scared to try the baking soda and any other help......its almost christmas day and i need to feel better before new years so please help me!!!

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