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I know this is going to sounds gross, but it works!Put baking powder in a glass of water and drink it ALL! Even if it taste gross, you still have to drink it! After you drink it, if you feel your stomach rumbleing, that means that the baking powder is cleaning your stomach! You may even sometimes have to make gas, that's a good thing! Hope it works! :)

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I used one cup of water and a tablespoon of baking soda, then i ate a yogurt (probiotic). It worked perfectly. You will have some burping but man it worked.

amanda (mandy) howard boggs, knoxville, tennessee

the following steps is what worked for me while experiencing a stomach pain: #1 one double shot of vodka (preferrably grey goose) #2 one tsp. of dawn dishwashing liquid #3 one single wrapped prune... and last but not least #4 one trip to bathroom and your stomach ache will disappear FOREVER!! if the above described doesnt relieve your stomach pain, CALL 911!!!!


I think that this is the fastest remedy i have ever tried. thanks alot!!!


thanks so much, I gave it to my 7 year old son, only half of cup of water and 1/2 teaspoon and work in minutes


I used this remedy, and used the hint of the yoghurt, and my tummy ache was much better after about 10 minutes. Thanks for a great remedy.


Baking soda in water rules! Somewhat gross, but very effective = particularly with acid reflux.


Having a sour or worse,a crampy feeling stomach akong with general nausea pretty much puts a damper on whatever you're doing.And,if you're having diahrrea and/or vomiting along with it-face it,you're definitely not going anywhere except balled up on you couch,or bed(preferably REAL close to a bathroom) but the upset stomach,nausea,cramping,and voiding can be stopped.I found out by accident as my Mom was being prepped for some minor sinus surgery.The nurse was delivering all her meds intravenously,sating what they were as she injected each one.My ears pricked up whe I heard'and the is Just a stronger dose of Bendryl to counteract any nausea or vomiting caused by the anethesia,or the pain medications you'll be receiving right after the surgery.So I said-'Wow,that really works,how?' the nurse basically just said that the antihistamine in the benadryl send signals to the part of the brain causing the stomach to act up,and paralyzes those signals your body gets to have a stomach-ache.I've used it many times for stomach -bug situations.And it usually starts to work in about 20min.but Im sure if you buy the liquid,that would do the job too. but it IS a guaranteed cure for nausea.I swear by it.


WORST THING I EVER DRANK!!! But man it helped alot and I feel better, lets hoe it keeps helpng :]


oMg this realy works at first i though that it wouldnt be safe so i asked my doctor and she said it was perfectly safe then i drank it an almost trhew up but it worked thanks


I really didnt think this would work but I tried it. I took 1 c water. 1 tsp baking soda and a 1/4 vanilla yogurt and mixed it. Drank it and about 2 mins later my 3 day tummy ache went away!

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