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OK so i was on here last night looking for a answer to my tooth pain....i have an abscessed tooth i was in severe pain!! i tried puting toothpaste on my tooth and surrounding gum helped for about a couple of only dulled the pain a little bit,tried the peanut butter and saltine cracker paste nothing,tried taking nite quil i took the nite quil 3 times during the night to try and sleep only on the 3 try when i was so tired that it worked...but it only made me tired didn't really help with the bf told me to try swishing peroxide in my mouth then using a tea bag,tea bag helped dull the pain peroxide when i woke up this afternoon(from the 3rd dose of nite quill at 9 am this morning after calling my doc for antibiotics) i looked up online how to get rid of abscessed tooth pain....i realized i was doing something wrong. the teabag method i was trying was wrong i was only leaving it in for 15 i wasnt giving it enough time to draw out he i folowed the directions (well almost) i took a teabag wet it with some warm water and put it between my cheek and my tooth(the one that was killing me) let it sit there 4 to 8 hrs(i let it sit there for about 3 hrs changing the teabag when i wanted too) when the pain dulled enough to stand i took 4 ibuprofen but then kept doing the teabag thing until the pain was gone.....and for me it worked wanders i took a nap with no pain...i just woke up and it hurts a little bit im gonna do it again in a few minutes so i can sleep tonight

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