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I had a horrendous tooth ache that was getting to the point where I was debating shooting it out. Finally I drew the line and got myself about a quarter of Marijuana. I sat down, smoked about an eighth of it and BAM, I feel great. :]

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ugh! id rather suffer in pain than try smoking pot to get rid of the time try posting LEGAL methods of pain relief. :(


BAHAHAHA!!!!!! Not working for me... Didn't take the pain away... But it kinda made me forget i even had a toothache ;o)

Smoke'n, Trip'n N Still Hurt'n

This is a pain kill'a........ Got a cure

Kim H.

This is so funny but I guess it works if you smoke I love this one my pain went away just laughing hilarious.


GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!


So as I'm reading all of these in so much pain, I came across this and almost died laughing....thanks so much for the chuckle now I'm gonna go drink a case of beer and forget about it till tomorrow


lol - never worked for me :( think its cuz i get hungry i want to eat sweets and drink pop......the only downside to smoking! lol

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