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this is my first outbreak and for the past few days I have been taking Epsom salt baths twice a day... i find it helps but it also hurts after u get out?! all my sores have burst open and I'm not sure if this is a remedy more to prevent that or encourage it. I've been using a blow dryer on cool to dry myself afterword. but I've been in excrutiating pain for almost a week now... what can I do to make it go away!? I need to work tomorrow and go back to school/working next week. please any advice will help!!!

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your first outbreak is going to be your worst in my experience, mine was so bad that the doctor didnt even realize what it was, thought it was an allergic reaction to something, but if you really cannot stand the pain find a doctor who will prescribe a lidocaine rx strenth ointment. that was all that got me thru that first outbreak, hopefully though it WILL get easier.

tylenol pm worked for me!

Ummmmm you need to read the tylenol pm remdy!!!.... It works!


Lidocaine is the best, what a lifesaver.


get script for valtrex


Your first outbreak willbe the WORST!!! OMG ... is still remember mine! PAINFUL and i could hardly walk!!


yep, first is the worst. i had to be hospitalized and put on a demoral drip and put a catheter in cuz i couldnt pee. it was horrible. the lidocane really works on the pain and the valtrex works on the healing.


Im pretty sure that I have Herpes and im to nervous to tell anyone..Im 22 years old and am trying to pretend its not happening. Im having a really painful group of blisters below my vagina but am trying to get through it without medication. Im going to try the epsom salt bath and tylenol pm tomorrow. Im willing to try anything for relief. Its been extremely painful for the last 6 days. Im worried this will forever effect my relationship life. Im already on anti-depressants andim starting to have panic attacks again after not having one for over a year..I do appriciate all the advice from this site. Its giving me a mild source of relief.


Valtrex is WAAAY overpriced! My doctor prescribed acyclovir($4 at some pharmacies!) It really helps with the pain and seems to shorten the duration and severity of an outbreak. You can take it daily as a preventative, or use it when you feel a cold sore coming on. For those who have been recently diagnosed, don't panic. LOTS of people have HSV. And it usually gets better over time, with outbreaks being less severe and occurring less often. Most of the time you can tell when its coming on- it seems to come back where the original outbreak surfaced, and you will notice a tingling sensation (also maybe tenderness or slight swelling). The sooner you start treatment, the quicker it goes away!

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