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This may sound odd, but I am being serious. Although I haven't been troubled with this condition for a while I have suffered with restless legs in the past and it used to drive me to distraction. I found that having an orgasm stops it. For me that horrible gnawing feeling always felt like a build-up of nervous energy that needed an outlet and an orgasm does seem to provide that. Sorry if it sounds unorthodox but if it helps anyone then I don't mind people thinking I'm weird.

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orgasm causes a flood of dopamine. requip is a dopaminic agent. orgasm is a wonderful way to self medicate.


i'm gonna try this but it usually happens after my husband is asleep and I don't know that I can do it to myself everynite!!


Wow, I thought that I was the only one that found this to help!


As a woman masturbating (in bed) has two effects that work.
It is the physical opening of your legs and pushing up the pelvis which helps to open that lower back spine which is blocked and it opens it.
Just opening your legs and pushing up the pelvis for a few times helps to loosen up the nerve impulses in the lower spine thus eliminating it.


My husband will be happy to hear of this remedy.

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