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This may sound odd, but I am being serious. Although I haven't been troubled with this condition for a while I have suffered with restless legs in the past and it used to drive me to distraction. I found that having an orgasm stops it. For me that horrible gnawing feeling always felt like a build-up of nervous energy that needed an outlet and an orgasm does seem to provide that. Sorry if it sounds unorthodox but if it helps anyone then I don't mind people thinking I'm weird.

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I am completly surprised that this seemed to work. thank-goodness for shower heads! And thank-you for the idea! xooxxo


This always works for me - I am a female and I am surprised to see that it works for a man because I cannot imagine his O being anything like the intensity of my Os. Unfortunately, I don't always WANT to have sex and sometimes it is not possible when my partner is away. Ihave had RLS for longer than I even realize. I have taken clonazepam for several years with relief, but recently stopped b/c of side effects and increased tolerance and my RLS has been horrible every nite except when I have a bedtime O. Desperately looking for another option, which is why I ended up here.


I have had rls for 2 years or so... this is the only method I have ever tried... but it seems to only give me relief for a couple hours or so. Once the blood finds its way back down to my legs... I'm back where I started.. my girlfriend has no complains though!!!

Kathy K

This works. I had a really bad experience it continued for 6 hours. I took Tylenol PM, plain Tylenol, a Sleeping Pill and medicine from a prescription that my mom was taking. Nothing worked and I thought I was going to go absolutely mad. It was in my right leg all the way to my finger tips. So I asked my friend to help me out. Having an orgasm or sex really does work!! And I finally found relief. Thank goodness then I slept the whole day away.


that is so true !!


here i thought i was the only one that thought that


I'm another one. It totally works for me. I just told a friend on Facebook last night. I've never actually met her, so I was a little afraid to give her my advice. But she sent me a message this morning, and she said it worked for her as well.

Nice remedy. It feels good and it's not a drug.


I thought I was the only one with this problem, finding this site has helped me believe that something can be done. For up to 12 years I've had RLS, & guess what I would fall fast asleep after 1,2, or 3 orgasms when it would act up. I never understood the connection, I just new that I would fall fast asleep shortly after...I know it sounds funny & yes even unorthodox, that & hot baths & heating thought it was for sure unnatural, but it worked, & now I have you guys to tell me I'm not alone...thank you everyone.


just make sure before you try this that you hadn't just been rubbing bengay onto the leg
this is not EVEN funny!


yep. without a doubt helps! when i first got RLS this was my only remedy. but it got so bad that i couldnt keep up...and I'm a guy :-) seriously my wife was wondering what i was doing in the bathroom so long in the middle of the night. i havent had the guts to tell her of this remedy yet.

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