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This may sound odd, but I am being serious. Although I haven't been troubled with this condition for a while I have suffered with restless legs in the past and it used to drive me to distraction. I found that having an orgasm stops it. For me that horrible gnawing feeling always felt like a build-up of nervous energy that needed an outlet and an orgasm does seem to provide that. Sorry if it sounds unorthodox but if it helps anyone then I don't mind people thinking I'm weird.

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I have used the silver bullet, I thought I was crazy, I am glad to hear someone else has had the same 'orgasm cure' I would love to be part of a study, I am 42 and I know I have had it at least 25 years, jsut didnt know a name til about 6 months ago... during my pregnancy 5 years ago, I didnt sleep for 14 days, it was a horiffic experience. good to know were not alone.


I agree - an orgasm is one of the best cures for RLS. There must be something about the relaxation that comes after an orgasm that relieves the restlessness.


HA! I thought I was crazy!! This really helps me too!! (my husband loves it)


The restless third leg isn't what I needed help with.


worked for me as well. wonder how we ever thought of that to help resolve the problem.


YEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought i was the only one lol...i discovered this and it works...thank you


it works for me too !! put me right to sleep ! my wife and i call it my sleeping pill...


That works for me as well, however I usually wake up later on in the night anyway.


This would work for me as well, except that orgasms give me a crapload of energy and i'm up at least 2 hours afterwards gah!


It works for me too, but I can't 'do' myself every night.

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