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I am an excema sufferer (for 33 yrs) and have tried many products, creams and concoctions given by pharmasists and doctors. I recently on a whim discovered a good remedy/concocture which temporarily heals and aleviates the itchiness and swelling of excema skin. I dab with a sponge on the affected area a little caladyl/calamine 'lotion' which u can get for no more than R9.00 at ur pharmacy followed by patting on a a generous amount of Bennets Baby Bum Cream on the affected area. The itchiness is minimized and after two or three applications for three days the affected area is almost fully healed - depends on how bad the excema is. This is not a cure but sure does work. Try it! Trying will not hurt ;)

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I had eczema really bad as a kid, turned out I was really mineral and vitamin deficient. Dr. Hulda Clark believes it is caused by a specific parasite. I did parasite, liver and kidney cleans and poof no more eczema. I also bought a zapper ( is the one our family uses (I have no affiliation with them, he's just a great family man and i've used his zappers for over 10 yrs) My zapper was loaned out and I had a couple things appear on my hands and I soak them in hydrogen peroxide in the sink. It STINGS like crazy but I do it as long as I can stand....then I do it again and again...pat dry, and I do it again the next is crazy to watch it go all white up under the skin- I totally believe in parasites now! no really. Anyhow, then my hands are dry and they cleared up in a few days. Oh and I also had to give up dairy, but after living with it so bad (gloves) etc. for years, it was worth it!

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