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I've had an on and off again toothache/abscess over the last year due to a broken wisdom tooth i have that is causing problems with the tooth in front of it. i am trying to wait it out until my dental insurance through my job starts in october because the only dental clinic around here i have found is still very expensive.

My tooth started again yesterday so I took some vicodin last night my dad gave me and it helped me sleep, today i took 2 tylenol with an 800 mg ibuprofen which helped get me through work. I just went to cvs and bought garlic pills, even though I am on penicillin (i had a full bottle left from last time i didnt need it...) but i figured if i keep taking the garlic even after my tooth is better it may help. I have tried almost every suggestion on these pages over the last few times i have had problems with my tooth. Most of them did NOTHING for me. And forget orajel...and the clove oil makes me want to puke. I do put the fake filling where my broken tooth is, but i was without it for a few days and I am wondering if maybe thats why my tooth has started. While I was at cvs I picked up the Tom's Natural Whole Care toothpaste that I found on the clearance rack...i think it was 2.50 and I know its usually much more then that. It's made with all natural ingredients and its spearmint flavored. I also found The Natural Dentist Brand mouthwash - its peppermint twist and that is made with a lot of natural ingredients too and it was on sale for 3.99. Both of these products contain things I keep reading about on here - the grapfruit seed extract and the peppermint oil and some others. So I figured I would give them a try. Just brushed my teeth and rinsed with it and it's feeling much better. I did take a half a viocden before as well, but when I got home I was still having pain and as soon as I used this I got relief.

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Grapefruit seed extract diluted in a 1 cup of water stirred up well works and draws out the infection out of the tooth.

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