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Rinse the mouth with some alcohol, such as vodka, to kill any infection.

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Pure whisky works just as good also.
Swish it around and then hold against the tooth for as long as you can stand it.


My boyfriend gargled w/ Tequila for his pain and he said it instantly works!!! Boy was I happy. It is only for temporary relief though, however it sure does a person good when they have been in pain for days!!!!!!

gal in ohio

Works great!!! I tryed sooo manby things, and I saw this and went straight to out bar and got out the vodka... green apple flavored... not only did it work it tasted great too..yummm...noooo pain!!


try rum it works best


I just tried Crown! Been trying everything for the last hour...pain went from 10 to 1 or 2...may try it again in a few minutes...


I tried this for a toothache. The next day my jaw had swollen to the size of a golfball! I don't recomend it!

Toronto boy

I read this web page a few hours ago due to a severe discomfort from a tooth ache. I tried picking out my tooth with a tooth pick as I always did when I felt the pain or chew on a gum but still the pain was there until I goggled my mouth with Vodka. Instantly the pain was gone. GOOD STUFF MAN!


yep, i used whiskey, i'm getting the tooth pulled in a week, and am waiting for the anti biotics to kick in. hoping this whiskey works for now, trying the cloves tomorrow, and have tried the vanilla extract (that works wonderfully) but unfortunately it stopped working for me for some reason, so now im on to whiskey, lol, moving up the chain of alcohol conetnt i guess, plus this tastes better and i can get drunk and forget about the pain as well as soothe it! haha


Try it and it works for the time being, but it doesn't lasts for hours. Either way temporary relief from the pain is always welcomed. Someone else said that putting a piece of cotton with rubbing alcohol inside the cavity also helps. Anyways thank you all for sharing this info.


I tried Rum, it numbs the pain. hurts a lot less now, but still there.

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