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I had stretch marks all over my body and no cream ever helped so, I researched how do we get stretch marks and found out that they are basically scars from stretching that healed and now all those dead skin cells that connect the tissue are stuck on the top layer and that's why we look like zebras.
Only way to loose them is to shed those old dead skin cells which you can do at the spa and will cost you $200 per treatment or you can do it at home cheaply but you need to be disciplined. Creams that come with those abrading crystals that shed dead cells can be very expensive and you don't get enough product to treat stretch marks. After much looking I found this site that sells pure crystals(google medicalcrystals) that you mix with your own cream. I was surprised by low price because instead of 1oz cream I could get 1lb of crystals and prepare 2lbs of crystal cream and that's more then enough for the whole body.
I received instructions to mix 1 spoon of crystals with 2 spoons of cream or oil (vitamin E, shea butter) and massage this paste in circular motions for couple of minutes. I did this before every other shower for a month and all stretch marks are gone that I had on my boobs, those on my hips and belly faded significantly but will have to continue with treatments for a month or so. Now I can't wait to go to the beach and not be embarrassed by my body. I love to tell people about this treatment because it really works. Just go to their web site www dot medicalcrystals dot com and look at the photos. www*medicalcrystals*com
P.S. Customer service is super nice to explain and suggests what's good for your skin type.

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where would I buy medicalcrystals? I tried google but it brings me to a bunch of useless sights


So you put the paste before you shower? It is better with warm shower or cold? Im going to try your remedy..thanks!


are u sure u can trust that website because i just saw the same picture on on a another website( of someone's stomach with a belly ring. the one on shows the belly ring with blue stones on it which look like they just added two blue dots.


she said the website is ... try that before you google


what if you used a very rough sponge, would it have the same effect? such as a dish sponge?


I couldn't find a number to actually contact them.


I tried this didn't really do anyy thing to my stretchmarks;; buht it did make my skin softer.

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